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Trendy Long Ombre Nail Designs for Summer

Long and properly fixed nails are always a pleasure to behold and having such a nail design can make you a centre of attraction. Are you in love with long nails and need something suitable and colorful for summer? Try these trendy long ombre nail designs. You will like to try them in your next manicure outing.

Lime green ombre coffin nails

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for an eye-catching nail art design for summer time, this coffin shaped lime green ombre nail style should be your choice. The nail design is elegant with two accent, lime green marble nails adorned with gold foil.

Yellow ombre nails

Source: Pinterest

Looking for a match for your yellow summer outfit? This light yellow shade tip with nude bottom nail is impressive. It looks cool and the Palm art design makes it stand out. You should try it in your next manicure.

Orange ombre coffin nails design

Source: Pinterest

Orange is one of the best colours for summer. It is never a mistake wearing orange summer ombre coffin nail design. Women love this trending nail shape and the fruit stickers over two accent, clear nails are so cute.

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