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Recommended Nail Care Tips for Office Women

Long, attractive and so soft it could break from a simple snap. However, long and attractive doesn't always translate to healthy. A good looking nail beautified with polish might be a breeding ground for germs. Moreover, black polish shouldn't mask the army of bacterial underneath, and neither will a swollen cuticle or something similar suddenly disappear from a single manicure.

Obviously, keeping it attractive and serene is the way to go. Nothing less.

Clip the germs away

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Regular clip is important to keep nails healthy and attractive. No matter what your schedule is, even if you're stuck at a 9 - 8 job, set time aside to dump out every traces of dirt even if it's once in every two weeks.

Health over length

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Long natural nails are attractive since 8 out of 10 women suffer from breakage. However, short nails are easier to maintain as longer ones pick out germs easily. If you struggle to match all 10 lengths, a well-trimmed rounded-edge nail should be the best fit.

Treatment less often than you need to

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Anyone who tells you to steer clear of long nails actually has a problem with looking attractive. While treatment should be given, it should be done when needed. Subjecting the nails to constant treatment obviously hurts it and on the long run, damages the cuticle.

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