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3 Breathtaking Makeup Ideas for African Women with Dark Skin Tone

The sight of a dark-skinned African woman wearing the right makeup is similar to seeing a bar of chocolate covered in honey syrup— it’s simply beautiful and mind-blowing! There are various pictures of dark-skinned beauties on Instagram who wear flawless makeup. As much as Instagram provides various makeup ideas for dark skin tone, sometimes it’s difficult for many Nigerian women to achieve the same look as the models they see on their phones. 

But guess what? Achieving this look is not as difficult as you think. The secret behind it is to practice suitable makeup tips for your dark skin tone. Therefore, if you are a dark-skinned Nigerian woman, this article highlights the best makeup idea for your dark skin tone. 

Play with bright colours on your eyes

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Most dark-skinned Nigerian women like to play safe with colours. They will rather go for nude eye colours than use bright eyeshadow shades. What they don’t know is: using bright eye shadow colours is a perfect makeup idea for dark skin tone. Try out yellow, orange, purple, or red eye shadow shades to create the fierce African woman look. 

What is important is to combine them properly, especially while creating a transition eyeshadow look.  Likewise, cut crease eyeshadows are very graceful when done on dark skin tone with bright colours. Always draw winged eyeliners and use mascara whenever you use bright eyeshadow colours.

Although wearing bright eyeshadow shades is a good makeup idea for dark skin tone, never combine them with bright lipsticks. If you want to use bright colours, you either use them on your lips or eyes but never on both! Rock your bright eyeshadow with lip gloss or nude lipstick.

Use the right shade of foundation

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Many Nigerian women are guilty of using foundation shade’s that are brighter than their skin tone. This is wrong! The goal is to create flawless makeup that blends with your skin. Using a wrong shade of foundation is a bad makeup idea for dark skin tone and will make your finished look appear as a hideous mask. 

The first step to achieving a flawless finish is to buy your foundation from trusted brands. Some makeup brands that have a range of foundation shades for dark skin tone are Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Black Opal Foundation Stick.

Dark-skinned Nigerian women with oily skin should buy matte foundation and use a primer before applying it. After, define your face by using a concealer. A concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone should be used to highlight your under-eye. After, use the one that is a shade darker than your colour to contour your jawlines.

Wear dark and bold lipsticks

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If you are a dark-skinned Nigerian woman and you don’t wear bold lipstick shades, here is what you don’t know: dark and bold lipsticks look better on dark-skinned women than light-skinned women. They are the perfect makeup idea for your dark skin tone because they make dark-skinned women look confident, fierce, and sassy.

Moreover, you can rock them with or without eyeshadow to school, casual events, parties, weddings, dates, or hangouts. They can also be worn with both nude and bright eyeshadow colours. Also, if you are heading out in a hurry and need a quick fix, applying just your foundation, mascara, powder and bold lipstick will do the trick.

Some makeup brands that have a range of stunning bold lipstick shades for Nigerian women are Hush beauty, Zikel cosmetics, Nuban beauty, and House of Tara. Look for dark shades of brown, purple, wine, or red to add to your lipstick set.

Get Creative and Be Comfortable with Your Skin Tone

Looking for the perfect makeup idea for your dark skin tone is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack if you don’t learn to love your skin. As an African woman looking for means to slay makeup effortlessly, your skin tone should be your pride. Every skin shade is unique and the dark tone is as beautiful and attractive as other tones. 

Besides, the only way you can nail the makeup ideas highlighted in this article is to get creative with them. Remember: The goal is not to look like somebody else but to create your best look.

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