Long Twist Braids

10 Sexy Ways To Style Your Long Twist Braids

Why should you struggle to be sexy when there's a shortcut? You'd like to know the shortcut? Okay, we'll show you! It's no secret , really. With your long twist braids, you have all it takes. Long twist braids come with a unique kind of elegance that's rare to find. However, there is usually the challenge of styling it. Long braids could be difficult to style. And this might make it lose its allure. But not to worry, we're here to show you how to style those long twist braids of yours so that you don't only look attractive but awesomely sexy. Come over!

1. Front Bun and Ponytail

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This is a girly and mature style at the same time. The ponytail makes you look girly while the front bun makes you look like the sophisticated lady that you are. The result? Dripping gorgeousness!  Not only does this style make you look ultra pretty, it also makes you look really smart. 

So how do you make this style? First, divide the twists into two from the sides. Make sure the back portion is more than the front portion. Use a rubber band or a hair band to pack the ponytail. Make sure it's very firm, because if it's loose, it won't look fine. Now, hold the front portion and wrap it from the right or left. Wrap it around itself and find a place to tuck it into a bun. Use a hairpin to secure it so it doesn't give way. 

This style is great if you want some air on your neck. It also helps reduce the weight of the hair extensions. The braids don't pull you and so you feel less weight. If you have a round face, this style is perfect for you. The elevated front wrap makes your face more elongated, making you look even prettier. There you go! Storm your world like a princess.

2. Front Weave and Side Sweep

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If what you want is a sophisticated and professional look all through, then we've got your back. With this style, you can turn up at the office or at any business meeting feeling confident and in charge. This style makes you look like you know your onions while at the same time showing you have a playful side.  

The best part? It's super simple to make. Just cut a portion in front, from the side, up till the back. Leave some braids under the cut. Weave the first portion from the front to the back loosely. The back weaving will  cover the leftover portion under the cut. End the weaving at the end of your head and sweep the remaining hair with the leftover portion to the side. That's it! You have styled your long twist braids into a very professional and sophisticated look. Just throw on your jacket and you're ready to be the badass boss lady you've always wanted to be.

3. Doughnut

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We all love doughnuts! Those round balls with melting jam in them. Hmmmm… yummy! But guess what's also yummy? The doughnut twist braids wrap. This style is as ancient as day but it delivers a 100% all the time. It is cute, compact, and perfect for days you want minimal distractions. Let's not also forget the dinner look. You can't wear your lovely studded dropping earrings with hair flying everywhere on your face, can you? That's when you need the braids doughnut style. It helps to keep your hair intact and tidy, letting you show off your gorgeous earrings and flawless makeup. 

But wouldn't you need to quickly dash to the salon to make this doughnut wrap? No, you wouldn't! We're pleased to surprise you that it's something you can do yourself. It's quite simple, really. Just pack your hair in a ponytail, using a rubber band. Ensure it's very firm. A loose ponytail will mess up your doughnut style so this is very important. After this, spread the tail so that you can touch the middle. Then gently fold the tail outside, wrap and tuck it under the rubber band. Do this round until you have a perfect doughnut roll. See? Not hard at all. Have fun!

4. Front Bun and Back Sweep

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What do you do when you're in a hurry and you still need to look pretty? You're right! You style your twist braids into a front bun with a back sweep. You can make this style in practically two minutes. All you need do is cut a small portion in front and roll it into a bun. Secure with hairpins if necessary. Then let the rest of the braids sweep backwards, and viola, you're ready to step out. 

This is a very classy style that frames your face so beautifully. You come off as being deliberate by making the bun and at the same time you look like a carefree fun loving lady with the back sweep. 

So, when you're running late for that appointment and your hair is not yet fixed, you know what style to make. In a few minutes, you're done and ready to seal that deal. The front bun and back sweep is one of the easiest yet exotic styles you can make with long twist braids. Are you doubting us? Give it a try and see. 

5. Scarf Bun Wrap

Source: Pinterest

No matter how creative you are with styling your hair, there will still be that time you'll be fed up with every style. If that's not the case, you may just find yourself trying different styles and realizing that none is working for your mood at that time. It may also be that you want your neck to breathe and want your hair out of the way. It could be that your roots and edges are getting rough and you'll like to cover them up.  Well, cheer up, for it is for a time like this that the scarf bun wrap was created. 

The scarf bun wrap is very straightforward. First, pack all your braids to the crown of your head with a rubber band. Pack them into a ponytail and let them fall into your face a little. Next, roll a long wool scarf and start wrapping from the back of your head. Wrap towards the front and roll it around the braids, leaving a couple of strands to drop on your face. Find a space to tuck in the tail of the scarf firmly. Use your hand to fix the top to ensure a bulb is formed with the twists. Take a final look in the mirror and say bye to a bad hair day!

6. Mohawk With Front Bun

Source: Pinterest

If you're the more daring  and confident type, then this is for you.  First, we'd like to salute your courage for rocking this very unique and defiant style. However, if care is not taken, it may lose its flavor. If it is not well styled, it may make you look irresponsible instead of chic. That's why when you opt for this style, you should have an arsenal of trendy styles you can make it into. Enough said. Now let's help you maintain and style it. 

Rolling your mohawk twist braids into a front bun is one of the most fashionable ways to style it. You've already made a splendid fashion statement with the hair, so you don't need any bogus styling. A mohawk front bun is simple yet elegant. Here's how you can make the style. Using a rubber band, pack the braids as a front ponytail. Now fold the tail to one side and start rolling. Roll it round and tuck it securely into the rubber band. That's it! Quick and easy. Ensure you oil or moisturize your scalp and the shaven part very well. This is very essential because a lot of your scalp will be showing with this style and we don't want you showcasing a scaly scalp, do we?

7. Front Ponytail

Source: Pinterest

On those sunny days, when you just want to look pretty and show off your beautiful braids, what do you do? You wear a front ponytail of course! C'mon, you didn't spend so much time, energy and resources making this gorgeous hair only to hide it. And trust us, there's no better way to flaunt your braids than a front ponytail. You're more or less telling the world, "I love my long twist braids, don't you love it too?" 

This hairstyle frames your face perfectly while letting the bulk of the braids cascade down the side of your face. And for this style, the longer the better. Let's teach you how to make it. First, make sure you moisturize your scalp very well. More importantly, ensure you oil the braids from top to bottom. This is very crucial because you'll be displaying every part of the braids therefore it has to be glittering. Next, pack it as a ponytail on the crown of your head. Use a rubber band. After securing the braids firmly, use a few strands to wrap the hair round. This gives it a very smooth finish. And that's it! You're ready to catch yourself some fun.

8. Chunky Twist and Side Sweeps

Source: Pinterest

The word 'boring' shouldn't be in your dictionary. Especially when it comes to your long twist braids. There are so many exciting ways to style them and this lovely style is one of them. If you're looking for a fresh way to style your long twist braids, look no further. This chunky twist and side sweep style puts the r in refreshing. Not only does it make you look extra beautiful, it also makes you look younger. And don't you want to look younger? We got you there! 

Here's how to go about making this absolutely cute hairstyle. The first thing you need to do is oil the braids properly. You will be showing a lot of them and they have to look lustrous and healthy. Don't forget to oil your edges too. Next, divide the braids into two equal portions from the side. One portion should be in front and the other at the back. Fasten the one in front into a ponytail. Ensure it's very firm. This can mar or make the style. Next, make the tail of the pony into one huge twist. Make sure it is loose as this is what makes it beautiful. Let it incline on a side of your face, whether right or left. Then divide the portion at the back into two. Let one portion sweep to the right, falling on your shoulder. Do the same for the left and you have yourself a perfect look.

9. Front Wrap

Source: Pinterest

One of the most elegant ways you can style your long twist braids is by making them into a front wrap. This style should be called the transformer. This is because it transforms an ordinary face to a breathtaking one. It is a little delicate to make but once you get it, you'll be glad you did. Now let's dig in on how to make this really sexy hairdo. 

As usual, you need to oil the braids very well, starting from your scalp and edges. You want your hair looking healthy and shiny, don't you? We do too! Next, bow your head and let the braids sweep forward to the front of your head. And from the middle, start a soft braid towards one side of your face. You may choose the right or left. Anyone is fine.

Finish the braid on your chosen side and wrap the tail stylishly and then tuck it into the wrap. Use some hairpins if necessary. Adjust the wrap as you like and you're set to show the world your pretty self. This style is not just super elegant, it also comes very handy when your hair is getting rough at the edges. It is a perfect cover up. You're welcome!

10. Front Bun and Double-sided Braids

Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with this amazing style. If you're thinking of what to do with your super long twist braids, then we have a great idea! A note of warning here though. You need really thick and long braids to do this. You know those waist long or butt long braids? Yes, those ones! That's not to say you can't use shorter braids if you wish. It will still look nice, it's just that it's extremely gorgeous when the braids are really long. Anyway, let's move on. 

First things first. Divide the braids into two from the side. Make the front portion slightly larger than the back portion. Now, make a loose braid with the front portion. Make sure you braid it towards one side of your face. When you're done, wrap it round itself until it is stationed like a knot on one side of your face. Tuck it in well. Use hairpins if necessary. Next to the back portion. Divide it into two; one to the left and the other to the right. Braid each of them and let them fall on one shoulder each. Adjust as needed, add your best smile and you can win any heart. This style fits any kind of face shape. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. 

Can you now see that looking alluring is not that hard? Especially if you've been having issues with styling your long twist braids. All you need is to know the numerous ways in which you can manipulate your braids, and then start trying them out. The best part is that there's a style for every mood and occasion. We made sure of that. So,  when next you make long twist braids, you know you have no worries. You can make them into so many cool styles that people will begin to wonder if it's still the same hairstyle! Well, it's the same hairstyle, you're only smart enough to discover different amazing ways to style it. Again, you're welcome!

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