Faux Locs Hairstyles

10 Faux Locs Hairstyles That Will Give You A Complete Makeover

Hey there, are you tired of the hairstyle you're wearing and want a hairdo that is sleek and classy? Or are you looking for that hairstyle that will not make you spend too much time in the salon? Great! Then let's show you some to-die-for, easy to maintain, cost effective and time saving hairstyles. Ready to know more about these super fabulous styles?  Come along!

Meet the Faux locs family.  It is one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. Not only is it being rocked by celebrities, every lady is looking to make a fashion statement with it. Shall we?

1. Faux locs bob with curls

Source: Pinterest

It's a huge hoolala for this elegant and sleek faux locs style. And if any hair can give you that lovely makeover you're yearning for, this is it! This is a simple yet classy hairdo  that will allow air into your scalp. It's not too long and not too short. Just perfect for a pretty damsel like you.

Another reason we're loving this hair is because it doesn't take as long as most faux locs styles, so that's more time for you to see that movie or hang out with the girls.  This hairdo is also a protective style. Your hair is under loc and key (literally) so that it can grow undisturbed by the harsh weather and dirt. 

You need to ensure your hair is firmly locked though, as that will determine how long it lasts. If it is loosely locked, it won't last long and that would be a shame because we'll love you looking this sweet for long. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get a professional loctician to do the job. 

2. Ultra Long Faux Locs

Source: Pinterest

If you've ever admired reggae artistes with really long locs then this is your chance to fulfill your fantasies. This is an absolutely gorgeous hairdo. It makes you look like a diva through and through. However, there's a price to pay. Don't be scared, we're sure you have all it takes to pay that price. Well, here's the price: it takes a really long time to make. But that's to be expected, isn't it? You can't have this lush and long hair without spending reasonable time on it. This could take you anything from 8-14 hours, depending on how fast your loctician is and how many of them are working on your hair. But one thing is sure, it is worth every millisecond spent on it.  We can bet on that. 

The length of this style is its greatest advantage. It gives you the opportunity to rock it in different ways, making you look like a diamond with different glittering sides.  

A great bonus of this locs is that you can wear it for a very long time, many months actually.  And the older they get, the more natural they look. Don't take our word for it. Just try it and prove us right.


3. Chunky Faux Locs

Source: Pinterest


Don't you just love this bulky, silky and healthy looking locs? This one is a look transformer any day. For this style, the beauty is in the bulk. It turns you into a celebrity outrightly. To make this hairdo, you're going to be needing a lot of extensions. But, not to worry, it's worth every penny. You can also pack it in different ways to suit your dressing and occasion. 

With this hair, you don't have to worry about your hair being damaged by dust, heat, and constant brushing and combing. It's all well tucked inside these beautiful chunks. If that's not great news, what is?

To maintain it, you'll need to seal it in moisture. This is done by applying sufficient oil into your scalp. When you do this, you nourish the new hair that grows. So, you see that hydrating your scalp while you're on faux locs is very essential. We want them looking shiny and healthy, don't we?

4. Wavy Bob Locs

Source: Pinterest

Isn't this wavy beauty simply adorable? It frames the face so sweetly and gives it a unique kind of vibrance. Wherever you go with this splendid hairstyle, you can be sure to draw people to you just as cats are drawn to cheese. And you can't blame them, can you? It's been said that no one runs from a good thing. Scratch that. No one runs from a beautiful thing. 

You can decide to make your bob chin length or neck length. Your choice! Anyone you choose is bound to give you that makeover you long for. Because it's different from most faux locs styles, you will surely stand out everywhere. 

Making this hair won't break your back, trust us. In a couple of hours, you should be done. But it will depend largely on your loctician and how fast he or she is. You can also add one or two other colors to spice things up. The result will be mind-blowing. We promise!

5. Butterfly Distressed Faux Locs

Source: Pinterest

Although the name says Butterfly Distressed but this style is anything but distressing. Actually, what you feel when you make this hair is the opposite of distress. What you feel is happiness. But really, how can you wear this hair and not glow with joy? It's a very delicate and classy hairstyle, fit only for a diva like you.

If you're feeling ordinary or dull, this is what you need to spark some radiance into your life. It's all the makeover you need. And maintaining this lovely hairdo is quite straightforward. Just ensure your scalp is well lubricated. Please don't wash your faux locs. Remember your hair is well protected and therefore not exposed to the wind and dirt. So, relax, it won't be that dirty. All you need to do if it's feeling itchy is to clean it with apple cider vinegar once in two weeks. Just dab a cotton ball with the ACV and clean on. That's it! Now, are you ready to be as pretty as a butterfly?

6. Silky Bob Locs

Source: Pinterest

Did you just see Rihanna in a video looking like she lives with the stars and you're wondering if you could ever look like that? Smile. We've got your back. This super silky bob locs will turn you into an overnight sensation. No jokes. This is one hairstyle fit for the red carpet. 

Making it shouldn't stress you too much. Well, maybe just a little. But it's nothing compared to the divine transformation it's going to bring to your face, and subsequently, your reputation. You're going to be known as the lady with the superstar locs. 

What about your mood? You can't be wearing this hair and be in a bad mood. Ever! That will be some sort of abomination, wouldn't it? And the reason is simple. This hairdo radiates so much joy that you'll be getting an overflow. No dull moment! Let's not mention the confidence boost you'll also get when you wear this hair. Heavenly! You'll practically be walking on air. Like a star!

7. Goddess Faux Locs With Curls

Source: Pinterest

This style is not called goddess for nothing. It's because you'll actually look regal and royal when you make it. And the curls? Heavenly! This hairstyle is best made long. That's how the beauty of the locs and curls will shine through. 

There's a warning though. You'll be needing a lot of hair extensions for this. As you can see, this hairstyle is full and long. Another catch is that it will take a while to make this beautiful style. But if you can be patient enough, you'll never regret it. Be sure to get quality extension as it won't be nice to go through all the stress only for your locs to start changing texture. 

Maintaining this hair is very straightforward. You will need a leave in conditioner and hair oil for the scalp and roots. Natural oils like coconut oil are better. They seal in moisture properly. Castor oil is another option. Not only does it nourish your scalp, it will also keep away bacteria and help maintain the pH balance of your hair. Now you won't have to worry about your next hairdo again. It's already settled.

8. Blonde Faux Locs


Source: Pinterest

The blonde faux locs is another vibe entirely. You're transformed to another level of class when you wear blonde hair. It is reserved for the extremely chic, and we believe you are. To make this hairstyle, you may decide to dye your hair to make it blend with the hair extensions or you may leave your hair as it is and  let it contrast with the hair extensions. Whichever you opt for is bound to be adorable. 

You can determine if you want your blonde faux locs to be long, medium or short. It's all up do you. You can also decide if you want it to be really full, average or thin. It's your call. One thing is certain though, and it is this: whatever the length or density, blonde hair will always be gorgeous. 

To ensure your blonde faux locs keeps looking beautiful, you'll need to keep your scalp moisturized. With time, your hair will start to grow and the roots will start showing so you need to keep those roots hydrated so they don't start breaking. Hey, there's one thing we forgot to add. If you're not used to handling attention, kindly go and learn it. This is because you're about to be the centre of attention. But not to worry, you'll love it!


9. Curly yarn locs bun 

Source: Pinterest

Don't you just wish you're wearing this hair already? This is some locs to die for! One question for you. When was the last time anyone gave you a compliment for your hair? You can't remember, right? Cheer up! It's about time. This hair is going to fetch you enough admiration and compliments that will make up for all the hairs you've made in the past. Seriously! It is that adorable and eye catching.

Not just that, it is perfect for those times when you want your neck to breathe. When hair covers your neck all the time, it could make you have heat rash and begin to itch. So, if you've been making long hair that covers your neck, here is an amazing option. It is an updo, so it takes the burden off your elegant neck. That's a great plus, isn't it?

To make this hair, you'll need a handful of hair extensions. This is because it has to be really full to make it beautiful. It may also take a while, so you may have to take that lunch of yours to the salon. You also need to watch out for your edges. Tell your stylist to leave out the edges and use them to make lovely baby curls like this. Throw in a couple hair rings if you like, and watch yourself become a super diva.

10. Mohawk Faux Locs

Source: Pinterest

This is one amazing hairdo with some wakanda flavor.  So, if you've been wondering what hair to do next that will bring out the African in you, relax. We've got you on that one! Mohawk style has never been for the fainthearted. It is for the bold and daring fashionable woman. And you are, aren't you? If there's any hair that can transform your look in the most appealing way, then this is it. 

To make this hair, you'll need to keep your scalp extremely clean. If you have dandruff, get a good anti-dandruff treatment. Scaly scalp on a gorgeous lady is a no-no. Especially if you're wearing a classy hairstyle like the mohawk. It is important to keep your roots moisturized when you're wearing this awesome hair. You can also spray your faux locs with a light moisturizer and a leave in conditioner everyday or every other day.

And styling it is easy. You can pack your locs in a bun, ponytail, or even wrap it. While wearing this style, be sure your skin is glowing. Just like a haircut, this hairstyle emphasizes your skin and therefore, you need to ensure your skin is glowing. You may need to wear a little more makeup than usual if you're having skin issues. This is because the hairstyle, unlike most other styles, does not give any covering to your face. So your skin has to be top notch. That being settled, this is one hair that will make you stand tall and confident. Wakanda forever!

Now that you've met the faux locs family, we bet you're in love already! But really, what's not to love? Is it the ultra long locs that's totally adorable, or the bob locs that's extremely chic, or the curly locs that transforms you into a goddess? All members of this faux locs family are on point.  And they all have the ability to transform an ordinary face into a super gorgeous one. Not just that, they boost your confidence and brighten your mood. And the bonus? You rock locs without the long time commitment of locking your natural hair!

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